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Pepper Panic Saga Videos Arranged By Episode

Pepper Panic Saga Episodes – How They Work and How To Find Our Videos

Pepper Panic Saga is a level based game that requires the player to complete specific requirements on each level to move on to the next.  These levels are arranged in episodes which, with the exception of the first one, each contain 15 levels.  When the player completes the required 15 levels the episode is complete and they can move on the next.  Pepper Panic Saga then requires the player to collect 3 tickets from their friends in order to advance to the next episode.  If they cannot collect enough tickets the level automatically unlocks after 5 days.  Players can also unlock episodes by using gold bars, but we would suggest finding more friends through our Facebook Pepper Panic “add me” group instead.

Complete List of Pepper Panic Saga Videos Arranged in Playlists by Episode

We made this page to keep track of the episodes and provide links to their videos on our YouTube channel.  On the channel we have each episode’s videos in order in a separate playlist for easy access.  All our videos are completed using no boosters and we have one for all of the currently available levels.  We will continue to update this list as soon as new episodes are released.  Be sure to click the “subscribe on YouTube” button on the right hand side of the page to get the latest updates from our channel.  If you find our videos helpful please click the like button underneath them.

Episode 18 is the latest Pepper Panic Saga release and consists of levels 151 – 265.  We have updated our playlists to include videos of each of the new levels being completed without the use of boosters or extra lives.

The boxes above provide links to video playlists for each episode of Pepper Panic Saga.  Click on a box to be redirected to that particular playlist.

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