Tips and Guides for Pepper Panic Saga

How To Play Pepper Panic Saga – Game Play Basics

how to play pepper panic saga baiscs - stage 1 pepper
how to play pepper panic saga - stage 2 pepper
how to play pepper panic saga basics - stage 3 pepper
how to play pepper panic saga basics - stage 4 pepper
how to play pepper panic saga basics - stage 5 pepper
how to play pepper panic saga basics  - pepper that is about to explode

Learn How to Play Pepper Panic Saga on Facebook

Pepper Panic Saga is a popular match-3 game from King, the makers of Candy Crush Saga. It is free to play on Facebook and you don’t need to download anything additional to play.  Pepper Panic is a level based game that requires players to complete tasks to move on in the game.  This free Facebook game is easy to learn but hard to master.  As the levels progress the players have to improve their skills or they will start losing their lives and get stuck.  Pepper Panic Tips teaches you how to play Pepper Panic Saga.  We show you what’s necessary to complete each level, and help you learn the skills you’ll need later in the saga.

How to Play Pepper Panic Saga – Learn the Basics, Have More Fun!

If you’ve played other King games you will notice that there are some similarities in the way that Pepper Panic Saga plays.  However, there are some major differences, and we’ve created this section of Pepper Panic Tips to help you understand exactly how this game works and how to play Pepper Panic Saga.  We want you to be able to understand all the important differences in how to play Pepper Panic Saga in relation to the games you already know and love.  Our goal is to get you prepared to move through the levels quickly.  That way you can enjoy this great game as much as we do.

At Pepper Panic Tips we believe that Pepper Panic Saga is the best game King has released thus far.  We’ve designed our site to focus on it exclusively in an effort to bring you the best tips.  We regularly release articles and level guides to provide the most comprehensive resource for Pepper Panic Saga anywhere on the internet.  We think that if you play Pepper Panic you will love it too.  We also think that if you use our guides you will learn how to play Pepper Panic Saga in no time and become an expert at it quickly.

The boxes below will link you to all of our game play basics articles.  They include articles about the game’s peppers work, things that are required to get past levels, and tips about all the game’s unique features.  Most of the articles were written with new players in mind, but they also include advanced tips so that they can be helpful to players of any level.  We’ve spent a lot of time playing the game with the intention of sharing all our tips with you.  We expect that if you use our tips you will have the best experience possible.  We strongly suggest against using Pepper Panic Saga hacks and cheats and explain why in our article that you can read by clicking here.

Learn how to play Pepper Panic Saga today, and be sure to let us know if there is something in the game that doesn’t quite make sense to you.  If you like our Facebook page you can leave us questions or comments and receive updates for the site in your Facebook feed.  If you need an answer to a question about how to play Pepper Panic Saga in a hurry you are welcome to join our Facebook “Pepper Panic Add Me and Level Tips” group by clicking here. The group is a community of Pepper Panic fanatics who help each other out with the game.

Currently there is no mobile app available for Pepper Panic Saga but you can play on your mobile devices by following the steps in our guide which you can read by clicking here.  If you are having trouble playing Pepper Panic Saga because you are having trouble with the game read our guide on how to contact Pepper Panic Saga customer support by clicking here.  It lists the common problems people have with the game and step-by-step directions to check your computer to make sure it is working properly.

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